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Steps To Recover Your Hacked Yahoo Account

The most preferred mode of communication in today’s professional environment is through email as its security is best for the users who maintain their private and personal information in it. Yahoo is the best platform where we can keep our professional and personal information secured.  If your Yahoo account got hacked then you can take the help of professionals to get your account recovered immediately. Use Yahoo customer service number to get immediate help from professionals. If you find anything suspicious in your account then let us know as soon as possible as it could be a worse nightmare for you. We can help you in providing immediate support and guidance to secure your account in best possible ways. So Yahoo Customer Service team to get your email secured.

Recover Your Yahoo Hacked Account

It is quite easy to recover your Yahoo account in a few simple steps if your account has been hacked. The procedure to recover your steps is divided into two parts one is when you are able to access your account and your email id is hacked whereas in another case you are unable to access your account when your id is hacked. So for both the situations the procedure is different to follow:-

Steps for recovery when you are able to access your Yahoo account

  • First you need to sign-in to your Yahoo account,
  • After getting access to your account, go to the account information option which is in the upper right part of the email account. Click on it and you will be landed on the profile page of your account,
  • Now here you will see the options that are mentioned on the left side of the page, and then go to the account security option and you will get on the security page.
  • Now you need to change the password immediately by entering the captcha and click on continue button. Once your password has been changed your account will get secured and no one will be able to access your account.

Steps to recover when you are not able to access your account

  • Visit the Yahoo log-in page and enter your login credentials,
  • As your account is hacked you will not be able to access your account. So you need to click on one of the options of difficulty in signing-in.
  • You will be asked to provide a recovery email address or phone number that you have registered while creating your account,
  • Now as per the recovery option you have selected you will be asked to provide the verification code so that you will be able to access your account by changing the password,
  • After entering the verification code you will able to reset your password and your account has been recovered properly.
  • Once you are done after entering the 8 digit verification code you must immediately change your password without any delay in order to restrict the entry of the unauthorized user.

How To Boost Your Yahoo Account To Prevent Hacking

In order to prevent your account from being hacked, users are highly recommended to use the latest security features in your account. There are times when usually people ask about how to increase or boost the security in Yahoo account. In such cases, either you can dial Yahoo customer support number to talk with experts or you can follow the steps provided below: –

  • You can opt for prompt password in case if you don’t login to your account for about more than 2 weeks, or you can also reduce this time as per your need,
  • You can apply for the verification code given each time you try to login to your account,
  • You may also create a sign to ensure your identity via authentic Yahoo website only.

For more insight details reach our professionals anytime by dialing Yahoo support number.


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